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08 June 2020Here Lies our Sovereign Lord the King

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Here Lies our Sovereign Lord the King Clive Barham Carter Monday 08 June 2020

The recent excitement surrounding the discovery of Richard III (now, alas, forever to be known as the ‘king in the car park’) has rekindled the enthusiasm Clive had, as a history teacher, to find out what we have done with our other kings. You may think we have them all safely at Westminster or Windsor, but it isn’t so: we have been careless. Some are lost, some have been mauled about and at least five are abroad. So, this lecture is a sort of quest, a monarch-hunt which, since this is The Arts Society, will concentrate on: architecture (splendid), sculpture (astonishing), painting (jewel-like), with a little bit of history (odd, mostly) for excitement. Those of a nervous disposition will be relieved to hear that it’s not gruesome... well, not very.