15 March 2018Community Arts
09 March 2018A Key project in Newcastle for asylum seekers and refugees
05 September 2016Mosaic for St. Oswald's Hospice
28 March 2014When St George met Rama in Newcastle a report by Maggie Crow
17 January 2014Supporting Art Education in Seaton Burn College
15 August 2013TYDFAS Inspires the Next Generation a report by Maggie Crow
19 July 2012Banners for Prudhoe Hospital
12 April 2012E.Y.E. Project in Sunderland Hospital
26 March 2011Gateshead Young Carers Comic Book Project

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Community Arts
Thursday 15 March 2018

We work with people of all ages providing opportunities to get involved in creative arts activities. For instance we have supported projects in a local hospice enabling art programmes to be developed and with a church community helping asylum seekers feel welcomed and more secure.  We have helped children and young people to build a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of art heritage and its conservation. Our support also helps to release the artistic potential of children in both Primary and Secondary schools.

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If you know of a group, potential project or an individual that might welcome some support please let us know.